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AGHTM Mission Bundles

To show you what AGHTM can do, we have built several missions using this framework across numerous maps, and they will likely eventually be bundled into individual campaigns for each aircraft and each map. For now, please enjoy them bundled together as individual missions, you can choose to do at your own pace.

The premise of these missions is that you are a private civilian transport pilot, callsign Easy Rider, working for a gas and oil mining company named Olympia Corp International. Your job is to transport passengers at the end of their shift, back to base, which is typically the research sea vessel, Ievoli Ivory, callsign Olympia Base. Given the nature of your company's work, you will often be landing on oil and gas rigs out over water. All NAV Radio frequencies are listed in the mission briefings as well as on the in-game Kneeboard, included with all missions.

We have tried to make the missions of varying difficulty and mood, and have tried to explore some of the most scenic areas of the maps. We have created clear and sunny missions, snowy missions, rainy missions, dawn missions, mid day missions, and night missions (Remote/Dark and Populated/Lit Areas), so you will find this challenging. We guarantee it. Some missions may be outright grueling to get through. Such is the life of a helicopter transport pilot. Several of the missions are timed so you can take off as the sun is rising or arrive at the destination as it is setting so you can enjoy the amazing DCS lighting, weather and environmental effects.

** NOTE: ALL Landings will be on a gas or oil rig or vessel, or on an actual helipad, so the landing zones should be somewhat easy to spot.

The mission catalog can be found in the missioncatalog.txt file found in the mission bundle downloads, along with the readme file. This list will be updated accordingly as additional missions/maps are added. Each mission is available in UH-60L, UH-1H, Mi-8MT and Mi-24P flavors. A size limitation on the Mi-8 makes it incompatible with the stock boat that is used for setting many of the takeoff positions in the Mission Editor, so some of the missions that use that may have different takeoff positions for the Mi-8 than for other aircraft.

Mission Bundle Downloads:

Latest Version: 1.10
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Downloads by Aircraft:


To install the missions for use, simply unzip the downloaded files, and copy the individual aircraft folders to your Saved Games > Missions Folder. I would suggest you create a folder in there called AGHTM, and place the aircraft folders in that folder so all your AGHTM missions are grouped together for use.


Many of the missions require you to install one or two third-party mods. These mods are fairly common in many custom community missions, and they offer a lot for your own mission building, if thats your thing. The mods are the property of their respective owners, but can be downloaded from the courtesy links below. Both of the asset pack mods go into the Mods > tech folder. The UH-60L mod goes into the Mods > aircraft folder.

UH-60L Mod from DCS World: H-60 Project
If you want to fly the UH-60L missions, you will need this amazing free community mod. Let's be real. You probably already have it, but if you don't, you can download it by joining their Discord. The mod goes into
Join Discord
Civilian Assets Pack - Navy
Contains the Ievoli Ivory Research Vessel and other vessels and platforms being used as the base of operations
SAM Sites Asset Pack by ERO and LetMePickThat
Contains some of the helipads being used. Please note, the current version Beta 1.9 does not contain several of the helipad assets being used. You will need to use the below v1.8.2 in order to fly the AGHTM missions. This mod is the property of the publishers. We are including a link here as a link to the correct version is no longer available. We do not claim any rights to the downloaded mod.

Additional Requirements:

If you want to fly the AGHTM - Syria - Aslantas Dam mission that was created in the Using AGHTM in a New or Existing mission section, you will need to have the UH-60L mod installed as well as the additional mods listed below. The mods are the property of their respective owners, but can be downloaded from the courtesy links below. Both of the asset pack mods go into the Mods > tech folder. The UH-60L mod goes into the Mods > aircraft folder.

Massun92's Asset Pack for DCS
Contains many of the assets used to build the FOB. This pack is awesome and we highly recommend it.
Static Buildings Mod v2.7 by Crazy Eddie
Contains numerous buildings used for the FOB. At the time of this writing we were unable to find a link to this mod. If you know Crazy Eddie and/or have a legitimate source for this mod, please let us know using the contact link above. We would really appreciate it.
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