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UPDATE: If you would like to purchase any of these tools now, please send a message using the Contact Us link at the top of the page to send us a message and we will get your order processed manually.
For information on our agScript for DCS script library, please click here.
For information on our AGHTM Helicopter Transport Missions for DCS script library and to download the mission templates and free mission bundles, please click here.

Amoeba Games Flight Sim Tools (FST)

Flight Sim Tools or FST 2022 by Amoeba Games, is a suite of software utilities for flight sim enthusiasts, built by a flight sim enthusiast. The tools found in the suite are tools that I built for personal use, because they filled voids in the various flight simulators I use, namely DCS and MSFS 2020. Finding solutions to problems I encountered daily, I realized others could benefit from the convenience some of these tools provide, and thus, FST 2021 was born.
The tools are offered individually, or as bundles, based on general functionality, and many of them are completely free. Additionally, all purchases accrue towards a full license. In other words, every time you purchase a utility, the amount you pay goes towards the price of a full license. So if you buy some of the paid tools for $20, and later spend another $10 on any other paid tools, your license will automatically be converted to a full license, granting you access to everything. No buyer's remorse!

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