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Using AGHTM Mission Templates

This section covers the detailed usage of the premade mission templates. The templates are available for Mi-8MT, Mi-24P, UH-1H and the community UH-60L mod. Each bundle contains all of the templates for each aircraft. Fully functional mission templates for Caucasus, Normandy, South Atlantic, Kola Peninsula, Marianas, Persian Gulf, Sinai, Syria and The Channel are already included. Additional maps will be added shortly. Check back frequently for updates.

Mission Template Downloads:

Latest Version: 1.10
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Downloads by Aircraft:

Tutorial: Using AGHTM Mission Templates

To help streamline the process, your best bet for getting started quickly is to watch the tutorial videos below. Each video covers a specific part of the process. After watching this series, regardless of your previous experience building missions, you will be building your own AGHTM transport missions in 10-15 minutes. Obviously you can spend additional time making your experience as elaborate as you choose (building complex landing areas, adding vehicles, etc), but all of your basic functionality and pickup locations will be complete.

Part 1 is an overview of the mission templates, as well as how to download them. Additionally, we discuss our process for scouting a location with an AI aircraft, in order to determine our mission location for the sample mission we will create. Finally we will create our mission file for the sample mission and look at its contents.

If you want to jump ahead to the actual usage, or if you have gone through this process already, and need a refresher, Part 2 contains all of the information on how to rearrange the template objects to create your mission, as well as how to enhance your landing areas. We also cover setting your mission date, time and weather.

Part 3 will close out the series by moving the trigger zones and text graphics into place, as well as adding a flight plan line drawing to your mission's F10 map. Additionally, we will discuss some ideas of how you can go about making your AGHTM missions more immersive by adding things like other air or naval traffic. We walk through an example of using triggers to spawn other air traffic as we enter certain pickup zones.

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